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Government plans to relocate 10 markets to Ring Road Lahore

Government plans to relocate 10 markets to Ring Road Lahore includes Fish market, Rum market, Auto parts market, Shah Alam Market, Azam Cloth Market, Akbari Mandi, Tollinton Market, Eyeglass market, Iron market.

Initially the fish market, rum market, auto parts market will be shifted. A big plan has been prepared to give land to ten major markets of the city near Ring Road. According to the details, initially fish market, rum market, Badami Bagh Auto Parts Market will be shifted. In the second phase, it is planned to shift to Agri Auto Parts Market, Shah Alam Market. In the third phase, Azam Cloth Market, Shah Alam Market, Branderth Road Market will be shifted. Akbari Mandi, Tolentino Market, Eyeglass Market, Loha Market will be shifted. The Local Government Department assigned the task to the Metropolitan Corporation and the District Administration. Assigned tasks to Traffic, Walled City, District Administration and Corporation to consult with traders. The district administration should prepare working papers to identify the land. According to the local government department, the corporation should complete the estimated cost survey. In the first phase, a survey of major markets will be completed. According to sources, the allied departments have sought funds for the feasibility report. DC says moving out of the big markets out of the city will widen roads and improve traffic.
If this goes according to government plan, you will see a new shape of Lahore Big markets with new address like fish market Ring Road, rum market Ring Road, Badami Bagh Auto Parts Market Ring Road, Agri Auto Parts Market Ring Road, Shah Alam Market Ring Road, Akbari Mandi Ring Road, Loha Mandi Ring Road. If you are business man and doing business already in these markets you must think about these updates and secure your future business with good steps.

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